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Yoga is a system of exercise for phisical and mental well being. It combines stylised


There is a spiritual source in India which is at this time exerting a powerful influence on the western World. Constraints of modern medicine have led to a growing interest in ancient proven healing methods. Western medicine is organized around the theory of diseases, which believes that a person becomes sick because he or she contracts a disease. each disease is seen as an independent entity that can be fully understood without regard to the person it afflicts or the environment in which it occurs. Thus, conventional treatments are treatments of diseases, not of people.

In contrast to the Western system of medicine, traditional systems of healing in India, as in other ancient cultures, approach sickness as a dynamic event in the life of an individual. It is the result of disharmony between the sick person and his or her environment. Under this approach to understanding illness, the ‘disease’ itself has no independent reality. The therapeutic focus is always on the person who is ill and the context in which the illness occurs, rather than on the disease itself.

More and more people are moving away from modern medicines and turning towards traditional, also referred to as ‘alternative’ systems of medicine, for enhancing health and treating illness. While drug based treatments of modern medicine are often the best choice to cure infections and other acute health problems, they fail to provide a satisfactory solution to people suffering from ailments like arthritis, back pain, allergies, harmful effects of stress and other chronic diseases.

India has a rich heritage in the areas of traditional or natural medicine. The earliest mention of Indian medical practices can be found in the Vedas, around the second millennium B.C. The earliest Sanskrit treatises on Ayurveda (a traditional system of medicine in India) were the ‘Samhitas’ of the great ancient physicians Bhela, Charaka and Susruta. A systematic and scientific approach was adopted by the sages of the times, leading to the development of a system that is relevant even today. The legendary Jivaka, a famous physician of Buddha’s time is also reported to have performed remarkable cures involving deep surgery. Natural system of medicines which focused on holistic healing developed in other ancient cultures as well. In ancient China the physicians developed the system of ‘Yin Yang’ while the Greeks gave birth to the ‘Unani’ system of medicine. Through the passage of time, these systems of medicines found their way to India. Today one can choose from various systems of alternative medicine be it acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation, Ayurveda, Unani medicine, mud therapy, Pranic healing, Reiki, Tibetan medicine and many more.Nature has given us aboundant resources to help us replenish our bodies and restore it to healing processes of life.

Yoga is a system of exercise for phisical and mental well being. It combines stylised poses with deep breathingand meditation. The term Yoga is itself derived from a Sanskrit word meaning to join together. The ultimate aim in yoga is to unite the human soul with the universal spirit.

Yoga was developed about 5000 yrs ago. The first written description was found in "Yoga Sutra's", attributed to Patanjali. According to Patanjali, within the human body there are channels called Nadi and centres called Chakra. If these channels and centres are trapped, energy hidden in the body can be released. This energy is called Kundalini.

Patanjali stated eight stages of Yoga:

  • The Yama (universal moral commandments)

  • Niyama (self-purification through discipline)

  • Asana (posture)

  • Pranayama (breath-control)

  • Pratyahara (withdrawal of mind from external objects)

  • Dharana (concentration)

  • Dhyana (meditation)

  • Samadhi (state of super consciousness)
Besides the different stages present in Yoga, there are various forms of discipline touching different aspects of human life. These disciplines include Hathayoga(Physical exersice), Gyanyoga or Dhyanyoga(exercise for the mind and intellect) and Karmayoga (discipline actions in daily life).

Benefits of Yoga

This health and fitness practice provides both physical and mental therapy. It considers ageing as largely an artificial condition, caused mainly by autointoxication or self-poisoning. By keeping the body parts clean and well- lubricated, cell deterioration can be greatly reduced. To get the maximum benefits of Yoga one has to follow three main guidelines i.e.

  • Practice of Asana

    With the regular practice of asanas, we can control our cholesterol level, reduce weight, normalise blood pressure and improve cardiac performance. Asanas harmonize our mental energy flow by clearing any blockages in the subtle body, leading to mental equilibrium and calmness.

  • Pranayamas

    The practice of Pranayamas, the correct breathing technique, helps to manipulate our energies. Most of us breath incorrectly (only thoracically not using our abdomen, therby utilizing only half of our lung capacity). Pranayama is a technique wherein it re-educates our breathing process, helps to release tension and develop a relaxed state of mind. It balances our nervous system, reduces the need for sleep and encourages creative thinking. Increasing oxygen to our brain, improves mental clarity, alertness and physical well being.

  • Yoga Nidra

    Yoga nidra is a form of meditation. Performed while lying on the back in the Shavasana pose. It relaxes the physiological and psychological systems. This technique completely rejuvenates the body and mind, giving a sense of well being.

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