Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Milwaukee Bucks 111-108 Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, harvest four-game winning streak. LeBron - James scored 26 points, five rebounds and 10 assists, but the performance was not considered good. Just this past week, LeBron - James averaged 25.7 points, 5.3 rebounds and 8.7 assists and 2.3 steals per game, led the team to three consecutive games to get match three sections, harvest three-game winning streak, after a good performance in the four-game losing streak for the he won the title of best player in a week. But the Week honors and not necessarily a good thing for a player who, at the NBA, has always been the best week spell of "Legend." The game, the Cavaliers face the Bucks, resourceful Kidd had said before the game will send three to four players to guard LeBron James, and this letting this would cast a "shadow superstition", he worse. Kidd says it will do, in today's game,Cheap NFL Jerseys from China he has used the Ji'an Nice - An Tetuo hole wave Oelsen, Jabari - Parker and Jared - Dudley James conduct turns to take care of, and indeed received a significant effect. Four players, although the physical condition and defensive styles are different, but they all uphold a principle: Dead snapping closed, and never let you easily suddenly to the basket to score. These years have been concerned about James fans certainly clear that he is afraid of this move does not mean that this will be able to defend James locked, but it is the only possible way to let his poor performance. Essentially, James is still not a shoot-first player,NFL Jerseys Wholesale free shipping although the technical level has been greatly improved, but for the outside shot of decisive extent and never have the confidence and Curry, compared to Kobe Bryant scorer. Relatively speaking, his offense is more dependent on the fast break and break through, and when the age of increasing health began to decline, he was a young man that eight horses dragged live momentum has gradually weakened, often little interference on will layup. And this time, if the outside feel bad again, his performance will be very struggle. There is a ball the most representative: James was the ball in the right waist, face Dudley's personal defense. Because the other clinging to break line, James again looked hesitant, almost 10 seconds over the ball physiognomy have not been able to start the offensive, saw nearly 24 seconds, he hastily Varejao ball to the corner - and that is clearly not his habit region, results directly stepped on the sideline, was blown violation. Fortunately, today's personal status Loew and Owen are quite hot, so the Knights always able to score bite. And when the game entered the final decisive stage, a distinct advantage on the individual ability into play, Lufkin and continuous contribution Owen wonderful goal performances, James's ability to coordinate and consecutive free throws in the final moments also play an important role in this narrowly won a victory. Match, James, although the contribution of two pairs of data,Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping but shot 15 in 6, 21, 14 free throws, turnovers, but up to 7 times. This kind of efficiency, it is unsatisfactory. In fact, in James's career, shooting does not exceed 40%, free throw percentage is not more than 66.7%, while errors in the case of more than seven times, has never appeared. Whether Zhou Hao best spell, trapped in the metal matrix worth mentioning, I hope this is just a show James disorders, because people are looking for him, obviously nothing more than that.