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Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan forts and palaces, romantic havelis,are drenched in royalty.
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Ayurveda medicines prepared from herbal plants found in abundance in India.
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India has some of the world's finest luxury hotels popular and exotic beach resorts
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Make your dream come true. A once in a life time experience in the land of the Maharajas.
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It's a journey worthy of kings. No wonder the experience is labeled the Palace on Wheels.
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Yoga is a system of exercise for phisical and mental well being. It combines stylised


India has some of the world's finest luxury hotels for the teeming numbers of visitors that fly into the country every year. From ordinary travellers to foreign dignitaries, heads of state and business tycoons, Indian hotels have hosted them all with the true spirits of India's much acclaimed warmth and hospitality. For holidaymakers or business travellers, hotels in India offer the best resorts, lodges, motels, bars, restaurants, fitness centres, travel assistance, communication facilities, entertainment and state-of-the-art conference and business centres to choose from. For those who love to eat there are various gourmet delights to suit every palate. Listed below are some of the finest luxury Hotels in India.

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Beach Resorts - India
Visit the most popular and exotic beach resorts of India along the vast peninsular Indian coastline. The beaches in all the coastal states are breathtaking and provide perfect escape to tranquillity.

Variously known as "Pearl of the Orient" and a "Tourist Paradise", the state of Goa is located on the western coast of India in the coastal belt known as Konkan. The magnificent scenic beauty and the architectural splendours of its temples, churches and old houses have made Goa a firm favourite with travellers around the world.

Goa Hotels

Mahabalipuram lies on the Coromandel Coast which faces the Bay of Bengal. This is an elegant place to watch which a well established sea port was during the 7th and 10th centuries of the Pallava dynasty. This was the second capital of the Pallavas who ruled Kanchipuram. Formerly, mahabalipuram was known and called as Mahabalipuram. The former name of this place ‘Mahabalipuram’ has a history. A very rude cruel king Mahabali reined this place and in a fierce battle king Mahabali was killed by Lord Vishnu and the place was named after the dead, arrogant kind Mahabali. The richness in mahabalipuram was not known to many, as these pallavas did not outlet and expose their quality and innovative creations to the outer world for obvious reasons. The aestheticism in mahabalipuram was hidden until the late 18th century. What is special about mahabalipuram? Of course every one can point out the rock - cut caves, temples made from a single rock, temples and strives of different structures, and bas-reliefs which are so artistic and sheer creativity. Mamallpuram is referred as an ‘open-air museum’. The great pallava kings Narasimha I and Rajasimha have well preserved these stylistic qualities that one enjoys in mahabalipuram even in the present day.

Mahabalipuram Hotels

Diu is a beautiful place with it's splendid and to serve tourist with all of the best services. It has a very great heritage and a rich culture, formed by the mixture of local Gujarati culture and the foreign Portuguese culture. The all over 6 beaches make the trip best to offer all from water sports to bath or sunbath.

Diu Hotels

Its scenic beauty and serenity is supplemented by the availability of excellent accommodation . There are a lot of restaurants which provide western style food as well as Indian, which is delicious. The grilled seafood items such as lobster, king prawns and kalamari are got fresh from the sea at Kovalam. Ayurvedic massage parlours, yoga centers and water sport facilities, makes Kovalam a popular haven for tourists from all over the globe.

Kovalam Hotels

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