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Tourist Attractions around Agra

Aligarh - Located at a distance of 91 km from Agra, Aligarh is famous for the Aligarh Muslim University. The university was founded by famous social reformer, Sir Syad Ahmad Khan in the 19th century. The city is also reputed for being the traditional centre for making locks.

Fatehpur Sikri - Fatehpur Sikri was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in gratitude of muslim saint Sheikh Salim Chishti.during 1564 A.D. The emperor seeked the blessing of Seikh Salim Chisti for a son. When his son was finally born, he constructed his capital city, an architectural epic in red sandstone. and named it Fatehpur Sikri. The city was later abandoned due to shortage of water and unrest in the north-west. The architectural fusion depicted in the buildings has made it one of the most revered tourist attractions. The beautiful marble tomb of saint still attracts thousands who seek blessings.

- Famous for its glass products, Ferozabad is around 44 km away from Agra. The is industrial city is famous for its glassware and provides an opportunity to shop for products such as glass bangles and chandeliers in abundance here.

Gokul - Gokul, situated 16 km south of Mathura, is the town where, Lord Krishna was belived to have been secretly raised. Most temples and structures here are built around the legends. Chaurasi Khamba (84 pillars), one of the most notable structures here, is also known as Nand Maharaja’s house. The mud temples beside the hill marks the places where Krishna killed the demons Putana, Shakatasura , and Trinavarta. Utkhal, close by is where Yashoda tied Krishna to a grinding mortar for breaking her pitcher to steal butter. At Brahmand Ghat, she witnessed the universe in Krishna’s mouth while chastising him for having eaten mud.

Govardhan Hill - Govardhan is situated 25 km west of Mathura on the road to Deeg The legendary hill, that Krishna lifted to protect the villagers from the the wrath of God Indra. It is believed that for one week, he held the hill on his little finger while it rained heavily. Kishna’s disc generated the required heat to evaporate the the excess water.

Keetham Lake
- The Keetham Lake is also known as Sur Sarovar as it is located within the Surdas Reserved Forest 23 kms from Agra. The reserved forest is a habitat to a wide variety of fish and water birds. The tranquil surroundings amidst nature offers tourists an ideal relaxing place.

- Located about 47 km from Agra on the banks of the River Yamuna, Mathura is celebrated as the birthplace of Krishna. The groves and ghats Vrindavan, situated nearby, and their thousands of shrines and temples recounts the exploits of this charming god. Visiting Mathura gives you a chance to trace the early years of Lord Krishna. In between the foundations of the Kesava Deo Temple, on a stone slab in a small room designed as a prison cell, it is believed, Lord Krishna was born 35 centuies ago. Adjacent to the temple stands the mosque built by Aurangzeb.

- Located 10 kms from Mathura, Vrindavan is associated with the childhood exploits of Lord Krishna. With around 4000 temples, shrines, memorial stones and hermitages of the saints and Krishna’s followers Vrindavan is one of most famous relegious centre of the Hindus. The Govind Dev Temple, a masterpiece red sandstone structure is architecturally one of the most advanced Hindu temples of the famous Mathura school of architecture in northern India. The 150-year-old Ranganathan Temple, famous as the Rangaji Temple, is located in a beautiful complex.


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